Taking the Tour

The Bible is big; its world is huge; its people are remarkable. Reading with modern eyes and western values, we miss a lot. Tour this world right now, from wherever you are; your Bible reading will never be the same. 

Reading the Bible is just plain wonderful; there’s nothing like it. No matter how much we study, there are always new things to learn beyond the next hill. As we begin our tour, we’ll discover new ways to understand what it says, our reading will become more vivid, and we’ll develop a closeness to the curious and wonderful people who inhabit its story.

Better yet, we’ll develop a deeper understanding of the Author of the Book, the Living God, the Shining Hero of the Story.

Start with our Touring the Bible blog:


Where we’ll regularly share fun & interesting things (that we hope) you never knew. Over time, we’ll add further resources here, to help you get the most out of your personal study of God’s Word.


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