An Eye-Opening Experience

If you really want an eye-opening experience, consider reading the Bible chronologically, with a decent Bible handbook alongside. (I’ve always enjoyed Eerdmans’ Handbook to the Bible; in addition to giving suitable background for every passage you read, the pictures are superb.) Before beginning to read your first passage from each book, read the handbook to get an understanding of what each book is about. When you get to the later Old Testament, it’s fascinating to see where all of the prophetic books intertwine with the story.

…and yes, there is a story: one huge,continuous story, running all through the Bible. As you see all the seemingly-disconnected pieces gradually fitting together, you’ll acquire a new awe for the vastness and majesty that is God’s Word.

Here’s an interesting factoid… if you check an audio Bible, they’ll give the recording time for each book. If you add up all the recording times, and divide by 365 days per year, it gives a mere 12-13 minutes per day. Not saying that we shouldn’t savor some parts more slowly, but if you read at roughly the same rate you speak, you can read through the Bible in a year, taking just about 12 minutes a day.

Reading through the Bible is a very doable endeavor, and if you find yourself lapsing on occasion, then take two years if you have to; it won’t go stale on you…