Online Resources

You will have noticed without our help that the internet is huuuuge…

That means there will be many gems to be found. Some will be absolute treasures. If you surf the web, you’ll have many bookmarks logged in your web browser.

I’ve gone through my own bookmarks and pulled out the very best that I think would interest you if you like this website. I’d like this site to be your go-to resource when you’re looking for quality Bible info, but that especially means directing you to long-established and well constructed sites elsewhere.

One Teeny-Tiny Little Disclaimer…

The Christian Community is large, varied, and I deeply enjoy meeting and talking with people whose spiritual traditions and practices might vary somewhat from my own. I have much to learn from you all. Yet  some would prefer to fellowship with those whose beliefs closely match their own; I get it, and I respect that.

To that effect, I strive throughout this site to give give equal treatment to the various beliefs people may have, and in the rare case where a doctrinal matter may appear, to neutrally point out where something may be interpreted in different ways. The only things I’ll insist on is that the Bible is God’s inspired word, and that we are assured of our salvation through faith in the blood of Jesus Christ. While I have more doctrinal beliefs, you should find it nearly impossible to discern them from what’s written on this site. They should not matter, if you agree with me on the above two assertions.

The thing is, the admins of the following websites should not be expected to adhere so rigidly to the policies I apply here. They’ll be concerned with supplying large volumes of high-quality information, and if some doctrinal pronouncements slipped into their content, I will have probably not noticed it. My own readings go far and wide, and I’ll just see all the differences as part of the scenery. If such things have happened in the following sites, they ought to be slight, but they are going to be there. If this is a concern to you, I’d just want you to understand it ahead of time.

…And, a Heartfelt Invitation:

Please… use the Tell Us What’s On Your Mind form in the Contact Us menu, above if you know of any really outstanding links that ought to be in this list.

Bible History Online

A huge collection of pictures, maps, articles, and other content related to the people and the world of the Bible. Because many of the pictures are implemented by links to other sites, which probably own the actual images, there will be the occasional broken link. Don’t let this discourage you. This is an immense resource, and you can get lost for days in this place.

Retelling The Bible

This is a fun site. It’s a blog that tells various stories-within-the-stories of much we’ve read in the Bible. They’re also available in podcasts, which will be handy because the other sites in this list may take up so much of your spare time that you can catch up on these items, while you’re on the go.

Associates for Biblical Research

If you’re fascinated by Biblical archaeology, this site will floor you. Massive articles. Videos & audios on all sorts of subjects. Book reviews. The latest archaeological news. This is another place where you can get lost in the volume of good stuff.

Generationword – Online Study Sources

This link goes, not to the home page, but a resource page that’s an enormous collection of online research and study sources. Contains links to Bibles, commentaries, Bible study tools, Greek & Hebrew study tools, devotionals, history texts, and more. After taking in all that, go to the home page, where you’ll find audio & video teachings, covering most every passage in the Bible. While the teachings contain many practical lessons, they’re also heavy into Biblical background. From those lessons, we’re given hand-drawn maps relating to Biblical battles/incidents. There’s also a nice collection of pictures.

Holy Land Photos

So you like pictures? Even if you never get to visit the land of the Bible, this will turn you into a seasoned, virtual tourist. How to use the site isn’t immediately obvious, so click on “Complete Site List,” and “Topical Easy Find,” and then just click links to start your excursion. The pictures aren’t all the clearest or hi-res, but with more than 5500 possible pictures to view, you will not complain…

Bible Hub

Besides being the home of a Bible study app that you want on your iPhone or Android device, this site will let you view the scriptures in parallel translations, including in Greek and Hebrew, and you can look up individual verses and find sermons on most of them. The web interface is a little clumsy, but you only have to learn it once. It’s worth it.

Bible Blender

This is the hardest one to describe, but the name is about the best description you can manage. What would you get if you mixed Bible study, history, Christian news, life lessons and more into a blender, and the combination somehow came out fun and appetizing? Click on the link, and see!

Thru The Bible

Now that many of us are playing mp3s in our cars or on our phones, why not listen to Bible studies? We each have different styles in what we like to hear, but if this site is your cuppa tea, you can download a 5-year series of studies on the entire Bible, in mp3 form.


Many visitors to our site here are looking for personal learning and study tools. Yet we know that some of you are writers doing research for your latest project. Welcome! The ChristianWriters site is a large, pleasant community of (surprise, surprise!) Christian writers, communicating through a big message board. Sign up for a free account, and join in on the chatter. You can ask questions, contribute ideas, submit portions of your writing for critique by others, discover current writing opportunities, and just join in on pleasant conversation. Even if you don’t sign up, there are links to useful articles, writing suggestions, news on the publishing industry, and lots more. If you see me posting there (my account is ‘Wes B’) be sure to say hi.